Gallery 180

Gallery 180


Yun Gee Park Gallery & Atelier is a Tucson gallery and gardens complex that exhibits international contemporary fine arts, wearable sculpture, and high craft.  The gallery is noted for its collection of established and upcoming artists who are exploring unconventional materials and forms; its distinctive manners of display and installation; and its focus on curation of all aspects of one’s life including environment, body, and action. The gallery and gardens are located in the heart of Tucson and the property features four distinct gardens combining Korean and Sonoran aesthetics with multiple pavilions, a gazebo, aviary, grotto, and several water features, as well as an outdoor sculpture garden/courtyard.


Guests to the gallery are always warmly welcomed with tea and refreshments artfully presented in exquisite vessels and place settings.


A visit to Yun Gee Park Gallery & Atelier is always a feast for all five of the senses.

Yun Gee Park Gallery & Atelier
4226 E. 2nd Street
Tucson, Arizona 85711
(520) 901-0013

Open gallery hours:
Thursday, Friday, Saturday 11-5 pm

By appointment: Tuesday & Wednesday

Closed: Sunday & Monday