Artists_55 Yves Amu Klein
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Yves Amu Klein

Artist Statement

Yves Amu Klein was born in Nice, France, and grew up surrounded by a wide circle of family members and friends in the art world. Son of world famous artist, Yves Klein, and abstract sculptor, Rotraut Uecker, grandson of artists, Fred Klein and Marie Raymond, and nephew of sculptor, Günther Uecker, Yves Amu Klein continues his family’s artistic tradition in his unique style by exploring the boundaries between the natural and man-made through time and motion-based sculpture, 3-D printed/laser-cut objets d’art and wearable sculpture, and digitally created 2-D compositions. Yves Amu Klein sees technology as a new palette of colors to bring about a better, more realistic understanding of nature’s beauty and mystery.

Yves Amu Klein thrives on dualities: art/science, organic/robotic, thoughtful design/chance. His art embodies Neuro-Network, Deep Learning, and Genetic Programming to form “Living Sculpture,” sculptures that are technology based, created with experimental composites, fibers, microscopic glass spheres, pure pigments of polyurethane base, and many other materials that respond to human interaction to create movement and form.

His current sculptural direction explores 3-D printed objets d’art and wearable art created with PLA colored fibers on devices of his own making, 3-D machines and advanced laser systems combining multiple laser beams with various wavelengths. Laser cut wood pieces are often integrated into these polymer pieces in such a manner where the man-made and natural become equally and mutually dependent on each other for the design and structure of the piece.

In his digital artwork, Yves combines both astrophotography and microscopy using stars and galaxies, as well as bacteria and microbes, as raw material for his digital compositions. There is always an intrinsic fascination with light in these pieces that capture the whimsical, mysterious, and intangible aspects of light. Klein’s work expresses his desire to show how light reacts as it travels through different elements, like clouds of hydrogen in a nebula, illuminating how light is distorted and shifted in its spectrum. By removing the darkness, and focusing on subtleties of colors as light emerges, he is able to focus on the starlight that brings them to life. Again, many of the technological tools that he uses to create his images, such as his high-power microscope, he builds himself.

Yves Amu Klein studied Architecture and Design in Paris, and took classes in “Cybernetics Theory of Systems” at the “Ecole Supérieure des Arts et Métiers.” He also studied Sculpture and Computer Science at Arizona State University, and graduated with a diploma in Fine Art Sculpture.