Artists_30 Jounghye Park
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Jounghye Park

Artist Statement

My work approaches a specific plant firstly as a whole then I gradually break it down to represent specific part. I’m interested in the roots of plants, stems, shrubs, berries, and thorns and express them as ornaments.
The ‘trap’ series was inspired by peculiar shape of flytrap, where sweet temptations become fatal weapons in actuality. Elements of flytrap are expressed in the sculptural pieces by concentrating on colorful and sharp terminal parts such as long tentacles.
Also, ‘Dogma’ series are presented as the main motif of the thorns. The thorns, sharp and ready, stand as though the whole world is against one another. Thorns are threatening everything in the world as if their enemy. Roots or bushes that are tightly tangled up rely on each other. All of these elements are beautiful and mysterious. This is what caught my attention. I think that plants always stay with us but, they have a special power to leave reality for a while to imagine myself being different. That is the story I would like to share with the wearer through my jewelry.
I use hand-dyed silk. The colors of nature and plants are not fixed one color but a constantly changing the color in the sunshine. I cannot avoid being attracted by the countless number of colors accompanied by the fiber material. Also, fiber is an ingredient with almost no gravity, it is appropriate for my jewelry that emphasizes size and volume. Especially silk material is very suitable material for expressing my thoughts.
In order to obtain the color of nature with dyeing, I have to pay meticulous attention. Adjust the amount of dye pigment to make color, water cloth, and experiment and immerse the process so that subtle changes of color and good gradation can come out. As I color the cloth, I feel as if I am a creator, and I feel nervous.
Just as a plant grows and forms small units, my work starts with building a small unit. Units that resemble leaves or sharp thorns are made out of sewing machines. The construction is based on a solid metal frame which supports a variety of colors brought out by the fabric, which in this case is dyed silk. Hand-dyed silk express the expansion, and rhythmic configuration of plants.
One of the strengths of the metal is that can be designed structures and devices. Just as precious stones are set on the body of jewelry, metal holds unusual materials. In finding the right materials for working with metal, I was very attracted to textile. Fibers are natural materials which have been used in our history. It has been developed along with the development of civilization and closely attached to our lives. Especially in relation to the body, the character of fibers has soft and comfortable.
During my graduate studies, I was studying as an exchange student at NSCAD (Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University, Canada). Because NSCAD offers various programs, I was able to take courses in the areas I wanted, regardless of my major. I had a good opportunity to study and learn about fabric dyeing. Especially the infinite colors that the fibers can express are attractive to me who majored in jewelry design and metalsmithing. The fibers are so light compared to metal, they are also suitable for bulky ornaments. Textiles that are flexible and contrasted with the rigid and fixed nature of metal have become my expression language.


2010 M.F.A. Graduate School of Kookmin University, Metalwork & Jewelry, Seoul, Korea
2008~2009 Exchange student, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University, Halifax, Canada
2001 B.F.A. Metalwork & Jewelry, College of Design, Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea

Solo Exhibitions

2016 Abyss of Forest_Contemporary Jewelry by Jounghye Park, KCDF Gallery | Seoul, Korea
2010 GROWING_Art Jewelry by Jounghye Park, A-shin Gallery | Seoul, Korea
2013, 2010, 2009 Craft Trend Fair, COEX | Seoul, Korea

Selected Group Exhibitions

Palm Beach Jewelry, Art and Antiques Show, Palm Beach Country Convention Center | FL, USA
LOOT_About Jewelry 2018, Museum of Arts and Design | New York, USA
The After JOYA Effect, Popeye Loves Olive Art Space | Athens, Greece
Materia-metamorphosis, Creativity Oggetti Gallery | Torino, Italia
Triple Parade Biennial, How Art Museum | Shanghai, China
Victoria & Albert Museum_Korean Jeweler Workshop | London, UK
PMA_Contemporary Craft Show, Pennsylvania Convention Center | Philadelphia, USA
JOYA_Barcelona Art Jewelry Fair, Arts Santa Monica | Barcelona, Spain
Seoul Modern Art Show_Art Mining, Seoul Arts Center, Hangaram Museum | Seoul, Korea
Craft Trend Fair 2016 Main Exhibition, COEX | Seoul, Korea
Korean Food & Culture Exhibition, National Folk Museum of Korea | Seoul, Korea

Pheromone_Art Jewelry Exhibition, MK Gallery | Vienna, Virginia, USA

Korea Now! In Paris_Contemporary Korean Crafts Exhibition, Musee des Arts Decoratifs | Paris, France
SOFA Chicago, Navy Pier Festival Hall | Chicago, USA
Beauty of Arts, The fourth Chinese-Japanese-South Korean Arts Exhibition, Shanghai Art Collection Museum | Shanghai, China
Flower of Desire-A New Generation of At Jewelry, Gallery ARTLINK | Seoul, Korea
Ornament and Illusion-Spectrum of Contemporary Jewelry, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art | Gwacheon, Korea
Transformed_VOGOZE Arts & Craft Opening Exhibition, VOGOZE Gallery | Seoul
International Graduation Show 2010, Gallery Marzee | Nijmegen, Netherlands
Connection_Zilber Schmuck, Shao Design gallery | Toronto, Canada
Wearable Art Show, NSCAD University | Halifax, Canada


Selected, Itami International Craft Competition-Jewelry | Itami, Japan
Gold Prize, Cheongju International Craft Competition | Cheongju International Craft Biennale, Cheongju, Korea
Selected, Itami International Craft Competition-Jewelry | Itami, Japan
Selected, 13th Iksan Korean craft exhibition | Korea Craft Culture Association, Iksan, Korea
Selected, 30th The grand art exhibition of Korea | KFAA, Seoul, Korea
Special Selection, 12th Iksan Korean craft exhibition | Korea Craft Culture Association, Iksan, Korea
Selected, International Graduate Show 2010, Gallery Marzee | Nijmegen, Netherlands
Special Selection, 11th Iksan Korean craft exhibition | Korea Craft Culture Association, Iksan, Korea
Best Student Award, Zilber Schmuck, Shao Design gallery | Toronto, Canada


Makers-71 Metalsmiths & Jeweler, JNC community | Korea, 2016
Showcase 500 Art Necklace, Lark Jewelry & Beading | USA, 2014
Ornament and Illusion, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art | Korea, 2014
Craft Dream 2011 Body and Ornament, The Chiwoo Craft Museum | Korea, 2011


Permanent Collection | Arkansas Arts Center | Arkansas, USA, 2018


Jounghye Park Contemporary Jewelry Studio.
Member of Chohyung Metalsmiths Society.
Member of The 3rd group of Metalsmiths.