Artists_21 Hwa Jin Kim
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Hwa Jin Kim

Artist Statement

Hwa Jin Kim’s work starts from lines overlapping and repeating as the artist’s hands move to meet each other. This process of line to form creates elegant objects that are at once organic and architectural. Further adding to this duality is the material that she employs to create her forms. The wax she uses is stable at room temperature, yet reacts to the warmth of her hands. This process of hand building stresses the connection between the artist and materials and allows her to create objects that maintain a general geometric pattern while also expressing handmade warmth.
Ms. Kim completed BFA and MFA studies in South Korea, and then continued formal studies for two more years in Germany. She is currently being exhibited in Asia, Europe, and North America.

Kim, Hwa-Jin Born in 18. 05. 1972 in Busan, Rep. Korea


1999-2000 Goldschmiedeschule in Pforzheim by Winfried Krueger, Germany
1998-1999 Fachhochschule fuer Gestaltung in Pforzheim, Germany
1992-1998 BFA, MFA Kyungsung University, Busan, Korea

Solo Exhibition

2016 Hwa Jin Kim Jewellery Exhibition “Huelse”-
2015 ‘Grain’-Gallery MIGO/ Busan, Korea
2012 Hwa Jin Kim Jewellery Exhibition-Bupyung art space/ Busan, Korea
2008 Alliance Francaise-French Cultural Center ‘Seeing’/ Busan, Korea
2008 Hwa Jin Kim Jewellery Exhibition-Ahwon Gallery/ Seoul, Korea
2008 Hwa Jin Kim Jewellery Exhibition-idm Gallery/ Busan, Korea
2007 ‘Recollect Running’-Gallery V&V/ Wien, Austria
2007 Hwa Jin Kim Jewellery Exhibition-Jewellery Gallery Hathor/ Busan,
2002 Hwa Jin Kim Jewellery Exhibition-Hyundai Art Gallery/ Busan, Korea

Group Exhibition

2007 Meeting Downhill-Quartair Gallery/ Hague, Netherland
2007 International Art Festival Sarajevo-Turkish Culture Center/ Sarajevo,
Bosnia and Herzegovina
2006 Jewellery for men-Lock Museum/ Seoul, Korea
2003/2005 SOFA/ Chicago, USA
2003 Suggestion-Insa Art Center/ Seoul, Korea. Gallery pfo/ Busan, Korea
2002 700 Rings-Insa Art Center/ Seoul, Korea
2002 Exhibition Students from Wolfgang Lieglein-Gallery Marzee/ Nijmegen,
2001 Srange Friends-Gallery Hermsen/ Widsbaden, Germany,
Gallery Ware Werte/ Hamburg, Germany
Gallery Gesamtmetall/ Frankfurt, Germany
Gallery Tiller & Ernst/ Wien, Austria
Metro-Gallery OONA/ Berlin, Germany
2000 Schmuck ‘2000-Internationalen Handwerkmesse/ Munich, Germany
Going out into a daily life-Gallery Industria/ Wupertal, Germany
Strange Friends-Gallery profil/ Regensburg, Germany
Kindersurprise-Gallery OONA/ Berlin, Germany
1999 Jewellerys of Soul-Gallery Biro/ Munich, Germany


2005 Incentive Award/ International Craft Exhibition ‘Jewellery’/ Itami, Japan
2000 Anerkennug/ Kunsthandwerk Baden-Wuerttemberg-Haellisch-Fraenkisches
Museum/ Schwaebisch Hall, Germany