Artists_09 Dong Chun Lee
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Dong Chun Lee

Artist Statement

Inspired by nature, consumer culture, and science fiction, my work is reflective of my upbringing. My artist mother and physician father made almost everything by hand, and my earliest childhood artistic memories were of me making primitive shelters, bows, and arrows from wood gathered from our almond orchard. Growing up in the country without available art materials, I learned to use what I could. That resourcefulness is reflected in the art I make today, which celebrates craft, the hand-made, and folk/outsider art. By creating paintings, sculpture, drawings and installations from lowbrow materials, I seek to transform these materials and elevate them to a high art context, while simultaneously presenting a unique world that is shamelessly awkward and comical. My work often references the art world, consumerism, and alien conspiracy theories, allowing the subjective and strange to penetrate humorous representations of the human condition in a wildly imaginative reality.