Artists_52 Wolfgang Vaatz
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Wolfgang Vaatz

Artist Statement

“Inspired by travels to the western states in the last years, these pendants, cuffs, as well as earrings, and cuff links, through intimate detail, depict peaceful scenes in nature. Although these scenes do not include grand vistas of tourist attractions, they are perfect in their own way and can powerfully remind the viewer/ wearer on happy memories of trips and places. In today’s hectic day-to-day lives, a person viewing the artwork may reflect on nature’s beauty to find or maintain inner tranquility. The wearer may also just enjoy the piece’s stunning expression and will want to adorn oneself with subtle splendor.
Originally being a painter and sculptor and then a self-taught jeweler, I take an unconventional approach. I like to combine precious metals, melting and fusing them together to create a unique texture. Purposefully, I use unrefined placer gold/ natural gold to enhance the individual pattern and painterly, organic look. I create my scenes by texturing, engraving/ carving by hand through the layers of metal (18k gold/ sterling silver, 14k yellow, rose & white, argentium silver) and emphasizing either the polished or oxidized silver.
I share wonderful experiences through my jewelry collections – encompassing those moments of wonder and peace in our natural world that transform and heal.”
Wolfgang Vaatz