Artists_46 Silke Spitzer
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Silke Spitzer

Artist Statement

All i can see is material to work, transform, create with.
All things i love and collect can turn objects or jewellery.
All i want is to create something that makes you get out of your comfort zone and make you think twice.
for the “Peaceful Armor” series
I am fascinated by the thought of creating a kind of “innocent armor”.
A mane of grace; possessing power rather than symbolizing aggression.
Shields both tribal and contemporary-both sheltering and protecting.
Talismans filled with sympathy and good to protect from the evil eye.
Powerful animals that embrace the wild but remain pure.
The delicate dance between peace and harm.

Silke Spitzer

1973, Germany.
Lives in Berlin since 2004


_3 year technical education as a jeweler
_University of Design and Applied Arts, FHG Pforzheim, jewelry department
_working with David Huycke , silversmith, Belgium
_DAAD Scholarship for RISD, USA
_graduated as a jewellery designer in Pforzheim, Germany
_teaching assistant in Haystack, Mountain School of Crafts, Maine, USA
_artist in residence, ornamentum gallery, USA
_since may 2002 independent artist.

Awards/stipends/ residencies

2015 Justus Brinkmann Preis winner
2015 SiM Residency, Reyjavik Iceland
2010 grassipreis winner 2010 for “forest” – woodnecklaces. 2nd price for contemporay crafts Berlin/Brandenburg
2010 Preis angewandte Kunst Berlin / Brandenburg
2006 Förderpreis mit Arbeitsaufenthalt Europäisches Frauenforum Leutkirch
2006 Gallery D. Schrade, emerging women award and artist in residence
2004 Ornamentum Gallery: artist in residence
2002 Rotaryprice for best Diploma
2000 DAAD scholarship for Rhode Island School of Design, USA

Solo exhibitions

2014 Breathing, Ornamentum Gallery, Hudson, NY | Haze of the Sun, Galerie Annick Zufferey, Carouge/Genève
2006 jewelry and painting, Gallery D. Schrade, emerging women award and artist in residence
2005 Gallery Gertraud Lercher, Italy: jewelry
2004 Ornamentum Gallery, Hudson, NY and artist in residence

Group exhibitions

2012 SCHMUCK HORN UND GEWEIH: Gerti Machacek, Stephanie Jendis, Konrad Laimer, Silke Spitzer. Galerie Slavik, Vienna Austria
2011 SCHMUCK-WALD-PAPIER. Galerie Slavik, Vienna Austria | Claudia Milic, Claudia Stebler, Silke Spitzer. Almstadt Schmuck, munich, Germany
2010 DMY – International Design Festival, Berlin. June 9th -13th.
2007 Moha Gallery, Wien, Ringe | Sofa NY, Ornamentum Gallery | Paintings, 5 Women, Gallery D. Schrade
2006 Sofa Chicago / Ornamentum Gallery | Sofa NYC, USA, Ornamentum Gallery
2005 Sofa Chicago, through Ornamentum Gallery | Ausstellung zum Landespreis Berlin
2004 velvet da vinci, 200 rings, San Francisco | Designcenter Stuttgart sieben designerinnen | Silbertrienale Goldschmiedehaus Hanau
2003 Sofa NYC, U.S.A/ Sienna Gallery
2002 Nachwuchsausstellung,Goldschmiedehaus Hanau
2002 Talente, IHM

Shows / Residencies / Grants

2015 SiM Residency, Reyjavik Iceland
2014 11 / 12 MKG Hamburg
2014 10 Goethe Institut Dubai : Dubai / Berlin : 4 / 4 Designers
2014 05 Annick Zufferey, Genf, Switzerland, SOLO
2014 07 Ornamentum Gallery, Hudson, NY, USA, SOLO
2013 MKG Hamburg
2013 Grassimesse Leipzig, Grassimuseum
2013 Art Basel / Miami : Ornamentum Gallery, USA
2012 Noel Guyomarch, natural and artificiel, Montreal, Kanada
2012 Galerie Slavik, Wien
2011 SOFA NYC, Ornamentum Gallery, Hudson, NY
2011 Galerie Hilde Leiss, Hamburg 18.Februar – 3. März
2011 Galerie Slavik, Wien, 3. März. – 2. April
2011 Almstadt Schmuck München
2010 Grassimesse, Leipzig
2010 DMY Berlin
2010 IHM München _ Berliner Verband für angewandte Kunst
2009 – 2010 Designhuis Eindhoven, Niederlande
2009 Galerie Dorothea Schrade „ Linde und Laub“ Malerei Zeichnung Objekt
2009 „life is but an Emerald“ Rike Bartels / Silke Spitzer, IHM, München
2009 G.L.D.A. Tucson, Arizona, USA German Group Show, Tucson
2008 Design Miami , through Ornamentum Gallery, USA2008 Toplage
2008 Museum für angewandte Kunst Köln, Gruppenausstellung
2008 Soloshow Ornamentum Gallery, USA
2008 Kath Libberts, Group Show, Now & Then,2008 past the beginning, Munich,
2008 G.L.D.A. Tucson, Arizona, german group show
2007 Sofa Chicago, USA
2007 Soloshow Schmuck Fritz, Berlin
2007 Sofa NYC through Ornamentum Gallery
2007 Gruppenausstellung Galerie Moha , Wien
2007 neue Malerei der Preiströgerinnen Uigendorf,Galerie D. Schrade
2007 Zeughausmesse Ostern Berlin
2006 Sofa Chicago2006 Soloshow Malerei und Schmuck,Galerie D. Schrade, Förderpreis Efi, Uigendorf-Dippoldshofen2006 Sofa NYC, USA, Ornamentum Gallery, Hudson, NY
2005 3. Zeughausmesse Berlin
2005 Sofa Chicago, through Ornamentum Gallery, Hudson NY
2005 Ausstellung zum Landespreis Berlin
2005 Soloshow Gertraud Lercher, Italien
2005 2. Zeughausmesse Berlin
2005 Inhorgenta, internationale Schmuckmesse, München
2004 velvet da vinci, 200 rings, San Francisco, USA
2004 Designcenter Stuttgart, “sieben designerinnen”
2004 Soloshow, Ornamentum Gallery, Hudson, NY, USA
2004 Silbertrienale Goldschmiedehaus Hanau
2004 Inhorgenta, internationale Schmuckmesse, München
2004 Sofa NYC
2003 Osterausstellung Galerie Dorothea Schrade
2002 Nachwuchsförderwettbewerb, Goldschmiedehaus Hanau
2002 Talente, internationale Handwerksmesse München


2004 artist in residency, Ornamentum Gallery, Hudson NY, USA
2015 Sim Residency, Reyjavik, Island


Racine art Museum, Racine Wisconsin 2008
Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg 2014